Nubilum: Resource Management System for Distributed Clouds

    The infrastructure of Cloud Computing providers is composed of networking and computational resources that are located in large datacenters. An alternative is the creation of Distributed Clouds (D-Clouds) with geographically distributed resources along to a network infrastructure with broad coverage. The allocation of resources must consider servers and the network devices. This thesis proposes Nubilum, a system for resource management on D-Clouds considering geo-locality of resources and NaaS aspects. Through its processes and algorithms, Nubilum offers solutions for discovery, monitoring, control, and allocation of resources in D-Clouds in order to ensure D-Cloud functioning while meeting developers' requirements. Nubilum and its underlying technologies and building blocks are described and its allocation algorithms are also evaluated. 

Keywordscloud computing, resource management mechamisms, network virtualization. 

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